2019 CMP Winter League at Libertyville Sports Complex


Selection for this years four teams has been completed with the  team captains. The league is 95% full with there being just a few spots remaining on the mens side. 

The decision was made by all captains to balance out all teams. We no longer are going to have four "city" teams as previously indicated, but rather four teams evenly matched captained by one individual. We did our best attempt to place players with teams consisting with their friends, but there were a couple of instinces that one team was over rated. It was the consensus of the captains that people would rather have strong pickleball with balanced teams.

 Each captain in the next 24 hours will be reaching out to their individual teams for player availability. We are excited for the league to begin Tuesday January 15th at noon. Listed below are the following teams and there captains.* Note: Team names will be selected by each team. 

Team: Dana Joseph

Gail Rohlfing   

Thea Foehling   

Dana Joseph   

Linda Chung   

Leah Oldendick   

Sharon Bergseth   

Sandy Amatore   

Joanne Wan   

Peggy Whitlow  

Linda Mihel           

Scott Stubig   

Tim Barany 

Ray Jenkins   

Doug McKirahan

Ben Mathis


Team: "Bear" Shatwell

Julie Wollenberg   

Donna Beechick   

Brigitte Latal   

Kathy McWhorter   

Karen Neetz   

Christine Towers   

Joanne Leger   

Anita Wan   

Carol Hawes   

Mary Hoffman            

Jim Latal   

Chris Ganas   

Greg Kuhs   

Don Kaplan   

Bear Shatwell      

Team: April Volpe

Karen McMillan   

April Volpe   

Jeanne Smith   

Patty Ward   

Morag Bishop   

Holly Goldstein   

Sue Cameron   

Peggy Armstrong   

Lynne Weisbart   

Sherry Adams            

Greg Didech   

John Kirschner   

Ray Gobberg   

Masato Suzuki   

Brian Reed    

Team: Ken Herrmann

Cari Mori   

Sue Walker   

Carol Stephens   

Gail Pistello   

Amy Hartwell   

Lisa Murray   

Angelina Seltzer   

Denise Hopkins   

Kathy Harper

Debby Henslee              

Ralph Cook   

Hollister Bundy   

Max Hahn   

Jose Sosa   

Gary Thompson

Greg Burgh

2019 Winter Team League

The 2019 Chicago Metro Pickleball Indoor Team League is a team format league geared towards the 3.75-4.25 level player. The league will run for three months starting January 15th and will conclude with playoffs on April 9th. All matches will be played on the six pickleball courts at the Libertyville Sports Complex located at 1950 US HWY 45 in Libertyville, Illinois. Match days are Tuesday’s from 12-3pm.

Team drafts will take place starting November 15th for the following four teams and will conclude when each particular team quota is filled:

                            🔹Team "Dana"

                            🔹Team "Ken"

                            🔹Team "April"

                            🔹 Team "Bear"

Each team has been assigned a captain(s) to organize their 16 player squad. A maximum of 16 players (8 male/ 8 female) will be allocated per team with each team member being guaranteed minimum two matches. Each member of the team will be responsible for their portion of the league fee, which is due when the team captain confirms your acceptance on the team. *An individual membership to CMP is required to participate in all league play. (Individual memberships are good for a twelve month period and benefits to a membership can be viewed here). League fee per participant is $45 which includes yearly membership, court fees, and T-shirt. First step is to fill out the form the form below. Second step is to click here for league payment.

Matches will be played in a round robin format scheduled for the following seven dates:

                              🔹January 15,29    

                              🔹 February 12,26   

                              🔹March 12,26

                              🔹Playoffs- April 9

Team Format - Each team will compete in a six week round robin league with all teams advancing to playoffs April 9. Each team will play one another twice during the round robin. A dual match will consist of eight players per team (4 male / 4 female) facing one another in a flighted format in both gender and mixed doubles.

A representative from CMP will be at all matches supervising play and collecting scores. The Official league ball is the Onix Orange Ball.

League Rules/Scoring:

1. All players must be current members of CMP

2. Players will be flighted from #1 Male-#4 Male; #1 Female-#4 Female.

3.  Play will be single games up to 15, win by 1.

4. There will be 8 rounds of play with different partnerships; Gender and Mixed doubles.

5. Each individual match won will result in a point for that team. There wil be a total of 24 individual rounds per dual match. The team that wins the most individual points, wins the dual. If points are tied, than individual game points will be used to determine dual winner.

6. All teams advance to playoffs with: 1 v 2 / 3 v 4.

7. Format: Play will be best 2 out of 3 games up to 15, with the third game playing to 11. Gender and Mixed Doubles. 1 & 2's will play against each other. 3 & 4's will play against each other. Total wins will determine league champions. 

8. Winning teams will be recognized at the league party later that day.

How To Sign Up? - All interested players should fill out this form. An email confirmation reply will be sent back confirming your request, and your information will be handed to one of the designed captains. Team captains will then be in touch with player.  Final team placements will be made public on the CMP website by January 9, 2019.

NOTE: Individuals do not have to reside in one of the four team cities to register for that particular team. The league is open to all levels of play 3.75 to 4.25, as long as membership is obtained.


2019 Winter Team League Form

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